Child and Adolescent Therapy

If you're struggling with your mental health, please know you're not alone. There's help available through a designated helpline, 9-8-8, that provides support and guidance during challenging times. It's essential to seek immediate assistance if your situation has escalated to a crisis. Mental well-being is crucial, and professionals are always ready to help. Don't hesitate to reach out for the support you need.

At PureView, we understand the importance of prioritizing children's mental and emotional well-being just as much as their physical health. With our dedicated Child and Adolescent Therapy Services, we are committed to meeting the unique needs of children aged six and up, providing them with valuable support as they navigate the challenges of childhood and adolescence.

Jordan Brown

About Child and Adolescent Therapy

What is child and adolescent therapy? 

Children and teenagers may face stress, anxiety, grief, and other emotional difficulties like adults. These emotions can arise from various sources, such as the pressures of school, family dynamics, relationships with peers, or transitions in life. Therapy offers a secure and nurturing space for children to express themselves, comprehend their emotions, and develop effective coping strategies.

Benefits of child and adolescent therapy

•    Improved emotional regulation
•    Enhanced self-esteem and confidence
•    Better interpersonal relationships
•    Development of coping strategies
•    Reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges


Common concerns addressed in family therapy: Conflict resolution, processing grief and trauma, navigating life changes (divorce, moving, etc.)

Services PureView offers

Individual Therapy: Our tailored approach is designed to meet the unique needs of each child. We combine play, talk, and other age-appropriate therapeutic techniques through one-on-one sessions with a skilled therapist. This personalized approach allows children to express themselves, explore their emotions, and develop effective coping strategies.

Family therapy:  Family therapy is a helpful addition to a child’s treatment. It can sound intimidating, but at its core inspires better communication and understanding. This can consist of one caregiver, multiple caregivers, or any other person the child identifies as important to them. Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed. 

Our PureView therapists

Our team comprises of highly skilled child therapists specializing in child and adolescent mental health. They receive ongoing training in cutting-edge therapeutic techniques, guaranteeing your child receives the highest quality care.

How can I schedule an appointment or learn more?

Appointments can be made by calling 406-457-0000 or visiting our clinic at 1930 Ninth Ave. in Helena. 

Insurance and payment information

We accept all insurance plans. We also use a sliding fee scale based on household income to ensure every child can access quality care. For more information on our sliding fee scale and other payment information, visit this page, or call 406-457-0000.  

At PureView, we place your child's mental and emotional well-being as our topmost concern. Rely on us to deliver compassionate, efficient, personalized care for your kids or teen. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Providers

Annie MeyersPureviewHealthCenter-107


Annie is a Social Work Licensure Candidate who began working in the children’s mental health field in 2017. She received a Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Montana in 2018 and a Master’s in Social Work from Carroll College in 2023. Annie’s clinical focus is primarily with children as young as 6 through adolescents. She has experience in treating PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. Annie’s passion is working with the family unit to inspire positive change in all aspects of a child’s life. Helena is Annie’s hometown, where she can be found paddling around Canyon Ferry Lake, reading a good book, or playing with her three fur babies: Dexter, Wasabi, and Ollie. 

Jordan Brown5


Jordan Brown graduated with a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2018 and has been working in the mental health field since 2013.

Jordan discovered his calling while working with inspirational middle schoolers in a mental health program at Helena Middle School. He has also worked on inpatient units with adults and youth, as a therapist and care coordinator at a pediatric practice, and as a school-based therapist.

He has experience working with attachment issues, anxiety, ADHD, autism, bipolar, depression, LGBT issues, and mindfulness strategies, and trauma.

When he’s not reading and writing, you can find him hiking with his wife around Montana or wishing that he could hike with his three tuxedo cats, Lola, Chip, and Finn.

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