About PureView

The practice of medicine—in fact, the healthcare industry as a whole—is changing. Most people like some of the changes. Patients appreciate and are sometimes wowed by technological advances in medicine, and many like the convenience of electronic medical records.

But for many, that is where the good feelings end and the complaints begin about the bureaucracy, the paperwork, the health insurance, the billing and the big health systems that rush doctors and leave patients feeling like a number. In short, most people do not like the dehumanizing aspects of the whole experience. That is where we come in.

Instead of a number, we treat you like a friend, while providing excellent primary care. Imagine that … a healthcare organization that believes your comfort and good health is its most important service. A healthcare organization that focuses, listens, involves you in your care, takes the time you need—but does not make you wait for an appointment or to see your provider.

“We are reaching out to everyone who wants great family medicine in a comfortable environment.”

It sounds good. Maybe even too good, if you have never tried us. So, try us! We serve everyone. We are reaching out to everyone who wants great family medicine in a comfortable environment, where your health comes first—not your ability to pay—and where you feel like a person again, not just a number.

Because, after all, we treat you like a friend.


Our mission is to provide the communities we serve with quality, patient-centered, accessible healthcare with comfort.

PureView Health Center is a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center (FQHC) with clinics located in Helena and Lincoln, Montana. We are committed to improving the healthcare and wellness of the communities we serve. We provide integrated care that focuses on the whole person. Our clinics provide superior, affordable primary care for the whole family. We are committed to fostering an environment that respects diverse cultural backgrounds and values the dignity of all people. We offer compassionate care for people of all ages. At PureView Health Center we offer the education, experience, and internal motivation to make the changes you want in your life.

We are Helena and Lincoln’s community healthcare clinics. We are places where everyone in our communities can receive high-quality healthcare. No one will be turned away because they cannot pay.

PureView Health Center services are personalized, comprehensive, integrated, affordable, holistic, compassionate, collaborative, co-located and easily accessible. We provide nearly 30,000 patient visits each year to over 8,000 people with a medical home where they receive comprehensive primary care, integrated behavioral healthcare, dental care, and low-cost prescriptions. We provide a full range of primary care services including regular check-ups, care for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, prevention and wellness education, nutritional counseling, behavioral healthcare services, dental services, and referrals to specialists in the community through team-based medical case management. PureView Health Center also coordinates programs specifically for people who are homeless.

Our services include not only treatment and prevention of illness, but also health education, behavioral health services, dental and affordable prescription drugs.

From the treatment of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma and referral to specialists, we are here for you.

No matter your age, family situation or ability to pay—we are your partner for affordable healthcare needs. We are open to serve the entire community—if you are uninsured, underinsured, have private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid or are just looking for good quality, affordable healthcare.

We Design Our Services to Meet Your Needs

We focus on patients as individuals. Recognizing and addressing the diverse circumstances of each of our patients is the first step. We strive to make every patient feel welcomed, included and “in charge.”

We combine wellness and treatment to get to the root causes of why making the desired changes is so challenging. Changing behavior seems simple but is really hard. We help you find your best way to good, healthy outcomes.

Collaboration and PureView Connections

Our scope of services is comprehensive and community-based. We coordinate with other community providers and specialists to meet the needs of the “whole person.”

You are a valued part of our community. Patients are treated warmly and in a way that promotes trust and a feeling of belonging.

We cultivate a total community of care where patients are engaged with each other and have opportunities to get involved with the broader community.

Tools to Inform and Empower Patients

  • We provide the tools you need to live a healthy life.
  • We empower our patients to be active participants in their own care.
  • Our providers and primary care teams are committed to working collaboratively with patients to support their progress.
  • Patients can access health education and healthcare information relevant to their needs.
  • PureView Health Center is a primary care provider that serves Helena and Lincoln, Montana, and surrounding areas. PureView offers quality, affordable primary and preventive healthcare, dental care, integrated behavioral healthcare to all community members, regardless of income or insurance status. PureView Health Center provides quality services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. We offer many options for those who have financial difficulties.
  • PureView has dedicated itself to practicing integrated, holistic healthcare—a health model that focuses on physical health as well as emotional and social health.

Our Shared Vision

We are the leading providers of the highest quality healthcare for our community regardless of a person’s circumstances. 

Our Values

  • Treating our patients, their families and our colleagues with compassion, kindness and respect 
  • Customizing our care according to patient needs and values 
  • Employing talented, skilled, caring and responsible people 
  • Treating each patient with dignity and as an individual   

Our Values