Three Years of PureView Health Center

A lot has changed since we opened our doors in September 2015. We doubled our number of medical providers, dentists, and behavioral health staff. We started offering walk-ins and same-day appointments to established patients. We even added a pharmacy. While that all sounds great, you may be wondering “Why should anyone care?”

Because we do. PureView Health Center’s team does not wake up every day and think about a paycheck or resume. It’s no secret: there are higher paying salaries outside of small-town Montana. But this is our home, and we go to work every day because we fiercely believe in being a part of something greater than ourselves. We believe in a healthcare system that treats patients like a friend, and not like a number or document in a filing cabinet.

The healthcare world is complicated, hectic, and expensive. Not only that, but things seem to change so frequently that it becomes hard to keep up. Insurance premiums, what is covered, who is in-network, and who is not. Our goal is to simplify the process. We accept all forms of insurance. If you do not have insurance, we will see you anyway. None of that matters as long as you are taken care of.

Indeed, things in the healthcare world change daily. But one thing is for certain: we are here for you, and we are not going anywhere. Everything we have done since our launch is part of a more significant effort to improve the health of our patients. The people in our community deserve the highest quality of care.

Care delivered by people who treat you like a friend.

To become a patient, call 406.457.0000. To learn more about PureView Health Center, visit our About page, or read about our recent perfect score.