PureView Officially Splits From the County

It’s been quite a journey for PureView Health Center. It began with the support of Lewis & Clark County in 1994 as a small community health center that provided primary care. Over the years PureView Health Center (formerly the Cooperative Health Center) grew and now operates four sites in Helena, East Helena, and Lincoln, MT. PureView now offers dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, insurance enrollment, and case management services to an existing large primary care practice and serves everyone.

That robust level of growth was enabled by an effective partnership with the county. But now, twenty-five
years later, the county and PureView Health Center both recognize that PureView will be better able to
serve its growing patient base on its own and have agreed to amicably part ways.

What is staying the same?
PureView Health Center patients will not notice any interruption or change to the excellent standard of
care that they currently receive. PureView Health Center’s main site will remain in its current location at
1930 9th Avenue after the separation. PureView will also continue to operate all of its other sites, including
the Helena Clinic, East Helena Clinic, Parker Medical Center in Lincoln, and God’s Love Homeless Shelter.

So, what’s changing?
PureView Health Center will become independent from the County’s support and IT infrastructure beginning
March 1st. The organization will keep the main phone number of 406-457-0000. However, other clinics
and the pharmacy will have their phone numbers changed. Those new phone numbers are:
• Dental Clinic: 406.500.2122
• East Helena Clinic: 406.500.2121
• Pharmacy: 406.500.2080
• God’s Love Clinic: 406.500.2070

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