PureView Health Center to Become Indepdent Non-profit

In 1994, a small healthcare organization opened its doors in Helena with the support of Lewis & Clark County. Now called PureView Health Center (formerly the Cooperative Health Center) the organization has grown to operate four sites including one in Lincoln, MT, and has added dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, insurance enrollment and case management services to an existing large primary care team.

But growth that comes from an effective partnership can also lead to change. Now, nearly twenty-five years later, the county and PureView Health Center have agreed to amicably part ways.

“Lewis & Clark County and PureView have enjoyed a long, successful relationship,” said Lewis & Clark County Commissioner Susan Good Geise. “The time has come for PureView to become more nimble to adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare environment.”

PureView, for its part, recognizes the county’s past assistance.

“The support of Lewis & Clark County has been a critical component of our accomplishments,” said Jill Steeley, PureView’s Executive Director. “But with the rate at which we are expanding locations and services it makes sense to become an independent non-profit in 2020.”

So, what happens next?

PureView will apply for its primary funding—a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant—without the county as a co-applicant for 2020. The change means that for the first time PureView will operate independently of the county’s IT infrastructure, personnel policies, and financial accounting system.

Patients will not notice any interruption or change to the excellent standard of care that they currently receive. PureView Health Center will remain in its current location at 1930 9th Avenue after the separation.

“This is a success story” says PureView Board Chair Terry Cosgrove. “The county provided the help we needed to become a stand-alone entity—and that will give PureView Health Center the flexibility to better address the pace of change in healthcare and continue to provide superior care.”

The current HRSA grant featuring the county as a co-applicant expires in February 2020. And the very next day, March 1, PureView Health Center will become a regular non-profit organization.

“We are grateful for PureView’s dedication and commitment and we wish them all the best.” said Commissioner Good Geise.

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