Staff Members

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  • Della Ahearn

    Della Ahearn, Accounting Technician Lead

  • Cynthia Alarcon

    Cynthia Alarcon, Physician Assistant

  • Taylor Allen

    Taylor Allen, Lead Dental Assistant

  • alvarenga

    Nani Alvarenga, Medical Assistant

  • 	 Shannon Bartole

    Shannon Bartole, CMA, CPT, Medical Assistant

  • 	 Aaron Belschner

    Aaron Belschner, Financial Counselor

  • Katelyn Belschner

    Katelyn Belschner, Accounting Technician

  • Ruby Benasky

    Ruby Benasky, Executive Assistant

  • 	 Karon Bielen

    Karon Bielen, Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Damian Boudreau, Communications Manager

  • Jordan Brown, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Terri Campbell

    Terri Campbell, Clinical Administrative Assistant

  • 	 Erin Carr

    Erin Carr, Case Manager

  • Post

    Ashley Champagne Post, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Chavez

    Leidy Chavez, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Crystal Crawford, Pharmacy Technician

  • Christian

    Alexa Christian, Pharmacist, PharmD

  • 	 Stephen Cocca

    Stephen Cocca, Outreach and Enrollment Coordinator

  • Taylor Cohenour

    Taylor Cohenour, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • 	 Courtnay Crowell

    Courtnay Crowell, MD, Family Physician

  • James DeFoe

    James DeFoe, PharmD Clinical Pharmacist

  • 	 Kaylee Descharme

    Kaylee Descharme, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • deVooght

    Erica DeVooght, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Shawna Donaldson

    Shawna Donaldson, Administrative Assistant

  • 	 Zachary Drake

    Zachary Drake, DMD, Dentist

  • Mellisa Duffner-Smith

    Mellisa Duffner-Smith, Billing Specialist

  • 	 Savannah Fisher

    Savannah Fisher, CMA, Medical Assistant

  • 	 Tamara Freiburg

    Tamara Freiburg, Dental Sterilization Assistant

  • Kristie Fry

    Kristie Fry, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Amber Garcia

    Amber Garcia, Accountant

  • 	 Selena Goddard

    Selena Goddard, Biller/Coder

  • 	 Dawn Gormely

    Dawn Gormely, Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Beth Graham

    Beth Graham, RDH, Lead Dental Hygienist

  • griffith

    Nik Griffith, Strategy Manager

  • 	 Marsha Gulbertson

    Marsha Gulbertson, Lead Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Erin Guzynski

    Erin Guzynski, RPh, Pharmacist

  • 	 Berta Halverson

    Berta Halverson, CBHPSS, Peer Support Specialist

  • John Harris

    John Harris, Physician Assistant

  • 	 Deidre Henderson

    Deidre Henderson, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Grace Hodges, LCPC

  • 	 Tracy Horton

    Tracy Horton, Registered Nurse

  • Monica Kelleher

    Monica Kelleher, Clinical Administrative Assistant

  • KelleyBrewer-Teresa-1-300x300

    Teresa KelleyBrewer, Case Manager

  • 	 Jessie Kristof

    Jessie Kristof, Registered Nurse

  • Marina Kuntz

    Marina Kuntz, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Lang

    Jessica Lang, Dental Hygienist

  • 	 Jeni Leary

    Jeni Leary, Behavioral Health Director

  • Dominic Lesueur

    Dominic Lesueur, Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Chris Lightner, Registered Nurse

  • Teri Lilletvedt

    Teri Lilletvedt, Case Manager

  • Hannah Loewen

    Hannah Loewen, Clinical Administrative Assistant

  • Casi Loomis

    Casi Loomis, RDH, Dental Hygienist

  • Marlo Manicke-Domier

    Marlo Manicke-Domier, Patient Support Services Manager

  • 	 Michelle Marten

    Michelle Marten, PharmD, RPh, Pharmacy Director

  • 	 Krista Maynard

    Krista Maynard, Pharmacy Technician

  • 	 Dr. Heather McRee

    Dr. Heather McRee, D.O.

  • 	 Jessica Menard

    Jessica Menard, Registered Nurse (Parker Medical Clinic)

  • Christy Modrow

    Christy Modrow, RN, Clinical Nursing Manager

  • Holly Mook, Licensed Addiction Counselor

  • JustinMurgel

    Justin Murgel, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • 	 DeVonne Petersen

    DeVonne Petersen, Billing Manager/Supervisor

  • 	 Margaret Phillips

    Margaret Phillips, Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Potts

    Stephanie Potts, CCMA CPT, Medical Assistant

  • Shawna Pratt

    Shawna Pratt, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Tracey Prevel

    Tracey Prevel, Dental Assistant

  • 	 Kimberlee Randolph

    Kimberlee Randolph, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • 	 Ace Reba-Jones

    Ace Reba-Jones, Case Manager

  • Dana Roberson

    Dana Roberson, Registered Nurse

  • Brenda Roberts

    Brenda Roberts, Billing Specialist

  • Sheila Ross

    Sheila Ross, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • Susan Ryan, Registered Nurse

  • Jory Sappington

    Jory Sappington, Dental Sterilization Assistant

  • Renee Sconfienza, Pharmacy Driver

  • Joelle Selk

    Joelle Selk, RN, BSN, Quality Improvement Coordinator

  • shepherd-1

    Kila Shepherd, Human Resources Manager

  • Justin Smith

    Justin Smith, M.D

  • Nate Snaric

    Nate Snaric, Dental Assistant

  • Snider-2

    William Snider, DO

  • 	 Paula Stephenson

    Paula Stephenson, Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Jordan Stone

    Jordan Stone, PharmD, BCACP, CPP, Clinical Pharmacist

  • 	 Julian Thorne

    Julian Thorne, MD, Psychiatrist

  • Molly Tschetter

    Molly Tschetter, Clinical Nurse Practitioner

  • Madeline Turner

    Madeline Turner, MD, Medical Director

  • Warford

    Chelsey Warford, Patient Support Services Ambassador

  • 	 Lalani Wilson

    Lalani Wilson, Pharmacy Technician

  • Tamara Zimmerman

    Tamara Zimmerman, Licensed Practical Nurse

  • 	 Lanna Zobel, FNP-C

    Lanna Zobel, FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner (Parker Medical Center)